Celebrating the excitement and chaos of the internal combustion engine.

original drawing of Gasbag

Gasbag is a celebration of the visceral excitement and energy of the internal combustion engine. Simultaneously, it showcases all of the overly complex, noisy, greasy, and gaseous shortcomings of the internal combustion engine.

Gasbag is intended to be a hilariously terrifying and exciting sight to never forget.



Fusion 360 3D printable mockup and walk cycle animation.

Four modular leg assemblies will be driven by a single crank attached to a gas powered engine dragging Gasbag across the ground. A variable throw crank setup will allow each leg to take varying lengths of steps to control speed and turning. Gasbag’s body is inflated using exhaust exiting the engine. Once the engine runs out of fuel or turns off, the body will deflate and Gasbag will “die”.

Leg module geometry and walk cycle simulation.

3D printed leg module.

Variable throw crankshaft design ideation sketches.