Visible Ambience Hotel Room Installation

Art installation in a hotel room you can book in Tokyo.

VISIBLE AMBIENCE - The visible world is made up of the invisible world (A room in the Art Hotel "BnA WALL".)

Attached to the ceiling of this room is a painting with a special microscope that runs horizontally and vertically across the surface of the painting to project a microscopic view of the painting that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

The paintings are made up of standard acrylic paints and “special paints” created for this purpose, allowing the viewer to look into a variety of microscopic worlds.
Enjoy an evening gazing into the beautiful and rich microscopic worlds unveiled by the microscope
After checking out of the room, you may have a new curiosity for seeing the unseen parts of the world.

My Role

Ideation, making prototypes to test a range of ideas, and creating 3D renders for potential room designs.

Once we figured out a clear goal and direction for the room, the project was handed off to other teams to build out the room.

This was a project done with Konel and BnA WALL in Tokyo.

View looking up from the bed.