Immersive art installation that creates an audio visual feedback loop using brainwaves
Still under construction but have a look anyway

Listen to sounds generated by the brain.

Could there be times in which we experience emotions that can’t be expressed with words?
For example, the sunset that repeats itself the same way everyday suddenly tugs at your heart.
The word “sorrow” alone doesn’t describe the feeling, or more so, no words seem to describe the feeling.
In moments like this, what would happen if we were able to release these emotions as music using our brainwaves?
What would happen if you obtained a way to express and share your emotions to others?
NO-ON is an interactive art piece built to allow us to think about this simple question.

Composition from Brain Waves

Once the person sitting in the chair is equipped with an EEG brain-computer interface, they can then proceed to select sound and video sets. By reading 6 types of brain waves (low alpha wave, high alpha wave, low beta wave, high beta wave, low gamma wave, high gamma wave) and additionally, meditation and attention parameters, we can use this data in sound sets to begin generative composition. Simultaneously, each type of brain wave data is used to change video playback speed and effects in real time.


EEG Headset:NeuroSky MindWave Mobile 2

Projector:Canon LV-WX300UST [x3]

Speaker:Fostex NF04R [x2]

Subwoofer:Fostex PM-SUB8 [x2]

Interface:RME Fireface UFX II [x1]

Software:Cycling ‘74 MAX 8 and Ableton Live 10

Memo: I made a VR version using TouchDesigner

Mockup Renders for setup planning and user experience