Desktop device for projection mapping visual effects on to drawings.

While working at Konel we had a client that developed a system that would use projection mapping to add visual illusions to static objects. The client came to Konel with a working proof of concept to find a use case for the technology and for assistance in presenting it to the public.

My roles for this project were the industrial design and fabrication of the final prototypes. This included CAD, 3D printing, vinyl wrapping, hand finishing, wiring,  and electrical components selection for better packaging.

The top half of the device contains a projector and webcam while the bottom half contains a small windows computer, buttons and the arduino to read the input from the buttons. The device can be disassembled by hand for easy maintenance and the vents are designed to allow for proper cooling of the windows computer and the projector.

This entire project was done in less than a month from ideation to presentation at an event.

Render to reality

Device in folded state. (ignore the old name)

Device open and ready for use.

Close up of prototype

Prototyping Photos