NJAJ IoT Safety Bracelet

Industrial design for an IoT personal safety bracelet


NJAJ is a Berlin based startup creating a smart jewelry bracelet for non-violent self-defense along with a connected guardian app.

The NJAJ bracelet features a silent alarm that will alert friends and close ones of your location and that you are in need of help. Additionally the bracelet has a second loud alarm that turns on a 120db alarm when the chain is pulled. 

My contribution to NJAJ was working with their team to take their functional prototype and repackage all the features and electronics into a design that can be easily manufactured, and have the look and feel of a high end fashion accessory. 

 I provided multiple design proposals, each with multiple colorways based on their requirements and preferences along with some additional designs to provide some other ideas for conversation.

Once we settled on a design, I did a few more subtle variations and once finalized I went back and prepared the CAD design for manufacture so it could be easily assembled and account for all the parts that needed to fit in the bracelet. 

Since designing and preparing the bracelet for manufacture they have produced a small run of bracelets and hosted a successful crowdfunding campaign to continue with the next round of production.

animation courtesy of NJAJ

photos courtesy of NJAJ

Bracelet Features
  • Intuitive two-way alarm trigger mechanism
  • Directly on the wrist
  • 120 dB loud alarm
  • 24/7 emergency service center in the DACH region | In partnership with AXA Insurance
  • Share live location with friends & family
  • No permanent tracking
  • Independent from the smartphone thanks to IoT technology*
  • Made in Europe
Final Design Renders
Preliminary Design Proposals