Tesla Yoke Completer

Kit to convert steering yokes in new Tesla vehicles to make them "complete" steering wheels.

   Starting from the 2022 model year, the Tesla Model S and Model X are now being equipped with a steering yoke instead of a conventional steering wheel. The yoke is basically the bottom half of a steering wheel and it does look interesting. Aside from the media buzz that it created it has seemingly no advantage over a normal steering wheel. Additionally, this steering yoke is equipped on the fastest accelerating production vehicle ever sold at time of release. What this amounts to is people getting access to the fastest vehicle they have ever driven in their life while having less than average control due to a unintuitive and unconventional steering yoke. This yoke is an easily preventable dangerous situation. No matter how good the crash ratings might be on a car like this, no one wants to get in an accident.

   Our solution is a kit that adds the missing top half of the yoke to provide the driver with a more conventional and intuitive steering wheel for their vehicle. It is easy to install, follows the design language of the car’s interior, made of carbon fiber (other options in development) and machined aluminum parts, and can be reverted back to stock at anytime.

   As of now (March 22, 2022) all other competing options available to get a full steering wheel require you to give up your original Tesla yoke or provide / purchase another yoke to use as a core for modification. Due to how new the vehicle is, finding spare yokes to be modified is difficult and expensive. The process of disassembling and rebuilding the factory Tesla yoke into a new shape is cost and time intensive, and may also require tampering with the various electronics built into the yoke. A common lost feature with competitor products is the heated handle. 

2021.5 & 2022 Tesla Model S (Long Range, Plaid)
2022 Tesla Model X (Long Range, Plaid)
✅ Drastic, fundamental improvements to handling & safety
✅ Zero modifications to the original yoke
✅ 100% reversible should you sell/trade in your car, or want to return to Yoke for any reason.
✅ No core deposit or surrender of your yoke needed.
✅ 100% designed and manufactured in Oregon
✅ Aerospace grade carbon fiber, aluminum, and hardware.
✅ Keep heated option if you have it.
✅ Lower cost compared to replacement.

racetrack demo (courtesy of CJ Sepulveda)

installation and assembly video (courtesy of Aftershock Garage)

practical use demo (courtesy of Aftershock Garage)